Reflection about mind

Don’t try to get more than you deserve.  Don’t try to evade the punishment from your sin.  You can accomplish independence of mind, when you follow these rules.  


You have to stand to do your duty.  If you don’t fulfill your duty, other family member will be hurt. 


Form follows function.  If you are doing a study, form a study position. 


You should have a purpose at first, and learn to pursue that goal.  If you do it the other way around, you will end up learning the whole world, which is impossible.  Don’t try to boil the ocean. 


2013 Spring plan

1) Information Retrieval Project

     – FMM with cold start problem

     – Cat contest or Movievis extension

2) Gestural & Bodial 

     – Paper replication

3) Software Design

     – Doodle Colla

4) Visualization Technique

     – Movievis


On writing & memo

Do a writing of your thinking.  It will make you prolific prodigy.  The secret of an achiever is focusing and leaving a result. 


When I don’t write, my thinking keeps repeating.  Is my thinking improving while repeating or not?  In my opinion, it does not get better but just lost somewhere.  


Don’t try to write better than you can.  It actually prohibits you from writing anything.  Writing anything is better than writing nothing.  The secret of writing is practicing.